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So you like curry. What Cari De Madame has done is create an evolved and statement-making experience around the traditional dish. A phonetic play on the colloquial saying for “F*** Your Mom,” the “Madame of Curry” delivers innovation to the traditional curry experience utilizing modern décor, a unique ordering process, bold plating techniques and great service (they even speak multiple languages).

Grab a table facing the windows that look out at the neighboring garden (curry and garden views naturally go hand in hand) and make your selection with fun steel and wooden placards. Steel ones are for main dishes (beef, chicken, stewed pork), and wooden ones are for sides (pickled sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, dessert). Then, alert the staff you're ready to eat. Maybe order a Belgian beer. Yes, they have those.

While doing all this (and eating), you'll be pleased that the owners use things like local free-range eggs, natural farmed beef from New Zealand, and CEREAL-FED PORK.

Our guess is the cereal probably wasn't Fruity Pebbles.