For those seeking a laid back west coast vibe in the middle of Seoul, the Left Coast shortens the distance across the Pacific with its Cali style artisan burgers. The brainchild of James Chun and Angela Shin , both San Francisco natives, Left Coast brings the SF obsession with food quality to the Seoul burger scene. Together with fellow San Franciscan and chef Nora Chung, James and Angela have built an homage to their hometown with their heavily Cali influenced style burger and beer joint.

Must haves here include Galbi Fries, Hapa Burger, John Wayne Burger and the Little Piggy. They also have a great west coast beer selection including Lagunitas, Lost Coast, etc. The vibe is casual so Left Coast is more for pregaming or dinner with your posse rather than a romantic date (unless your date happens to be of the low maintenance variety).

So when your stomach years for a piece of the left coast, just look for the sign in the shape of California and you've arrived.