Once dangerous and seedy, Itaewon is now an emerging cosmopolitan suburb of Seoul. At its gastronomic heart, Libertine personifies the blossoming row of restaurants in the center of Itaewon's former “antique district” with its warm, inviting and tasteful aesthetic. Glowing Edison lights hanging in the air illuminate subway tiles and mosaic floor patterns that give this American bistro authentic NYC style and panache.

Aside from the setting that seems to unleash everyone's Instagram account, the main focus here has always been about American classics with a newfangled twist that highlight the freshest ingredients possible. The headliner that can't be missed is the LBK BURGER, so good they put restaurant's initials on it. Other signatures include the BASIL LINGUINE, COBB SALAD and the CLASSIC BENEDICT (brunch menu ).

The top notch cuisine, extensive cocktail menu and great service make Libertine a versatile spot - whether you are starting your night, enjoying a classy date or entertaining guests by day. Casual in its sophistication, Libertine embodies the larger emergence of Itaewon and really . . . you gotta try that burger.