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Step 1) Travel through the mountain tunnels to the south side

Step 2) Uncover heavy industry giving way to the more stylistically and technologically inclined resident businesses

Step 3) Find the international menu of 3/3rds and enjoy your lunch.

Named for the three owners, two brothers and one of their significant others, 3/3rds opens its elevator door to a busy lunch crowd everyday. The large windows oversee an oddly comforting view of aging buildings that make for a surreal midday escape on the 22nd floor.  Patrons enjoy healthy salads, soups and homemade pizza with the perfect crust among other popular café items. If you are looking to utilize the free wi-fi and spacious tables to bust out some work, best to come closer to 3:00pm when the lunch crowd has filtered out.

But wait. Food and the view aren’t the only assets available here. 3/3rds doubles as a retail and rental house for antique, restoration-esque furniture. Sit in a variety of chairs around tables long and short and then rent said furniture for your next event or office. Better yet, speak with one of the three co-founders about some design principles and let them help you look like a boss