In a neighborhood rich with nightclubs, Arcade is a great place to pre-game - literally.

Inspired by video games, Arcade is above all a bar. One with a playful theme centered around the video gamer in all of us. Who doesn't like Brain Quest drink menu's and mounted joystick walls? Exactly.

The scene is colorful, young and mixed for the post-dinner hang out or pre-club drink, which you may be sharing with a DJ playing around the corner later. The dimly lit space, geeked-out with gamer decor features a casual atmosphere, unique cocktails and an eccentric music collection with hipsters nodding on and on around the DJ booth. The only actual video game in the joint is the legendary Winnitron 1000, a box full of classic indie games and memories, that broadcasts your skills on the projector screen for all to witness.

Whether you have set plans, this neighborhood watering hole can lead to a lot of nightlife options and alternative endings, just like your favorite RPG. However, if you stick around or return for the late-night scene, they do have a late night dinner menu with porn-star themed hotdogs and paninis from a local sandwich shop.

Insert quarter, press start and play on!