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Originally christened as a purveyor of rare liquors, Bottle, Boot & Cigar’s atmosphere and world-class cocktails have transformed it into a bustling local hangout. The enormous iron door might seem intimidating, but don’t be nervous. Step into BBC’s stylish industrial chic foyer and prepare to find yourself standing in a gentleman’s paradise.

The brainchild of renowned bar consultant Doug William and esteemed bartender Quinn Johnson, BBC offers a truly unique experience; how many bars can offer you a straight-razor shave, a shoeshine, and a martini that would make James Bond swoon? Not to mention the Cuban cigars and extremely rare liquors available for purchase.

Dont worry ladies, there’s something for everyone at BBC -- Ask the bartender for a drink, and he’ll pour you a cocktail so delicious it’ll make your head spin. (Or not, if you think you can handle your liquor).

You can’t go wrong with a classic cocktail at BBC, but if you’re feeling adventurous, just tell the bartender what flavors you’re craving and he (or she) will invent a beverage on the spot, just for you.