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Big Bucket is a Causeway Bay stop for weary feet. HK is a walking town and having a “go-to” foot massage spot is essential for any Man or Woman about town. If you want results at an efficient price, look no further. The set up is clean (not posh), efficient, and cozy.. or “snug” in an HK kind of way. The room is dark and warn with shades of red-orange that set a comfortable tone. The buckets are huge, but there’s enough room for friends so feel free to make it a group activity (2-3). The no nonsense staff is all about the feet, no small talk. Known for their foot baths, you have two choices to make: aroma or soak style? Try a peppermint or ginger foot bath and you’ll discover little jelly beans with your toes in the bucket, squeeze them. Trust us

Price $ $
Type Foot Massage
Speciality Foot Massage
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

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