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Bring your muscles to O3 Fitness, a modern workout spot frequented by celebrities and pro athletes who keep up their toned bodies by way of everything from indoor wall climbing to MMA.

This sleek, multi-discipline church of fitness and its flexible credit-system based membership program is ready to whip you into shape. Professional Thai boxer ETHAN GARCIA (and part-owner), leads some of the functional individualized training (FIT) classes for MUY THAI. But if other workouts are your thing – like yoga, boxing, or circuit training – they have instructors for all that too.

Oh, and if you're into the whole contact sport thing, every Monday at noon they have free “open cage” sessions allowing mixed martial artists to gather in the ring to discuss contemporary MMA fighting methods in an open forum. Which gives settling a heated debate an entirely new meaning.

And remember, first rule of Monday session is you do not talk about Monday session.