Woah, that’s quite an entrance.

    FLASK has gone to great lengths to up the ante on the “speakeasy” concept. Its entrance is hidden behind a retro Coca-Cola machine (fashioned into a door) in a sandwich shop called “The Press”. A step inside reveals an uber-sleek, bat cave of a bar – a place where secrets come to play in the shadows.

    With a name like FLASK, the drinks better hold up to the name, and they do. Witness the drama of the SAMURAI SPIRIT: an airborne show of whirling bottles flow into a Asian style tea cup set atop a box with clover and lilac set aflame. Smoke and incense rise up to complement the drinks’ base flavors. Or maybe the signature FLASK is more your style – a hidden flask is literally served inside a book (sorry bad pun).

    Space is limited and only available on a first come, first serve basis to maintain the intended atmosphere. So plan appropriately and arrive before 9 if you really want to beat the rush.

    The next time a friend asks you why that deli is packed late at night, you’ll know they are really waiting for a turn at the “Coke machine.” Whether you decide to say “it’s because they have the best ham sandwich in town” is up to you.