Write your own Fortune

    A bit of trivia for you. . . of course everyone knows General Tso (or Tso Tsung T’ang) as the great Qing Dynasty military leader who suppressed the Dungan Revolt from 1862-1877. But, did you also know that the esteemed general’s sweet and spicy fighting style inspired the classic American Chinese dish, General Tso’s Chicken? Yeah, probably not.

    Anyway, if you find yourself in Shanghai craving that gwailo taste from back home or someone else’s home (we don’t know where you live), make a beeline for Fortune Cookie. Cue the gong sound! Just reading the menu will put you in your comfort zone: BEEF AND BROCCOLI, KUNG PAO SHRIMP, CRAB RANGOON and of course GENERAL TSO’s CHICKEN.  Wash it down with a couple frosty mugs. . . oh yeah.  Trust us, it’s cheaper than buying a ticket to the United States.

    And of course, before it’s all over, finish it off with an actual fortune cookie. If you don’t like what your “fortune” says, feel free to write a new one and leave it in the suggestion box by the door. Who knows? Maybe next time you will be reading the fortune you wrote for yourself. Cue the gong sound!

    General Tso would be proud.