A classy bodega in HK’s Kennedy Town

    The bastard child of a gritty, neighborhood bodega and an uptown Sunday brunch spot, Sunday’s Grocery (the 3rd outpost of HK’s Yardbird collective) serves up smart, fast-casual, street food from a little corner shop in Kennedy Town.

    Pull up a milk crate and chomp down on a KATSU SANDO or BAHN MI. KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN has that perfect combination of crunch, salt and sweetness that can instantly cure a hangover (we think). . . or provide that extra motivation in tomorrow’s workout. In addition to their inspired sandwiches and snacks, Sunday’s Grocery offers a smattering of top-shelf booze – many Japanese whiskies and sakes, and the store’s own brand of COFFEE SHOCHU.

    Outside of food and drink, the store also features a variety of “artisanal products with a focus on quality and creativity.” A well-edited selection of apparel, household goods, and other generally “cool” items is available for a last-minute gift or personal treat.

    Here’s to hoping for a Sunday’s Grocery on every corner – the world will be a better place.