You had at us at the first TANG

    With a name that’s a riff on the opening notes of Beethoven’s 5th symphony, TANG TANG TANG TANG hopes to strike a chord with China’s rising middle class.

    A retail lifestyle concept started by David Tang (founder of Shanghai Tang), the store specializes in home decor and personal comforts. TANG TANG TANG TANG carries everything from luxury bedding to futuristic rice cookers, including many items that feature the store’s namesake monogram “TTTT.” Not afraid of being too colorful, think contemporary designs and bold patterns that embody a youthful mix of old Shanghai and European style – all on display in the store’s “model home” show rooms.  A living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom have been decorated “to the nines” showcasing TANG TANG TANG TANG’s delightful wares in their natural habitat.

    Luxurious by most standards, but not as pricey as one might imagine, products target a young, stylish, upwardly mobile, Chinese professional. . . JUST LIKE YOU!