Sloooow doooowwwwn…

    Generally everything in Shanghai moves lightning fast, so fast that if you don’t pay attention, the city could just leave you behind. Via offers up a respite from all of the action by specializing in slow cooking and a watchful focus on food quality. Everything about Via is designed to put the brakes on your otherwise hectic existence.

    Entering Via feels like visiting your much more grown up friend who always has fresh flowers on the table and a knack for elevated homey decor. The open kitchen on the 2nd floor makes you feel even more at home and gives a glimpse into why you might have to wait a tad bit longer for your food than at the many dine and dash restaurants that dominate Shanghai. Although they now offer a la carte options, they are known for “no menu” dining, which means they’ll serve you what’s seasonal (we say trust the chef).

    If you squint your eyes and pretend, you can imagine that it’s your grown-up home and that’s your personal chef cooking you a lovingly slow-cooked meal after a long day.