What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

    Sometimes when there’s something or someone bothering you, it feels good to go for a run, workout, or whatever you prefer to blow off some steam, yeah?  But when you don’t have the time (and if you happen to be in Hong Kong), just go find an old lady under a bridge – she’ll know what to do.

    Under the bridges of Causeway Bay, elderly ladies burn fortune cards, slap shoes on the concrete, and put charms on their patrons or hexes on their ills (even personal targets). A taste of Hong Kong Voodoo – if you have a demon or tormenter in your life, put its name on a piece of paper and let these lucky ladies free you of bad luck and give that demon a well-deserved smack.

    When you’re done go get a foot massage. . . or a new pair of shoes. A little retail therapy has been known to uplift the spirits, too.