The name says it all

    If you’re going to be bold enough to name your store “World of Amazing Wonders”, you’d better be ready to bring it, especially in a town as shopping-obsessed as Hong Kong. Luckily, WOAW delivers just what its name promises thanks to the meticulous curation of HK influencer Kevin Poon and his team, who handpick and review every item for HK’s discerning clientele.

    Located on busy Gough Street, WOAW is a welcome pit stop from the many stores and eateries that litter the once historical ‘printing press’ road in Sheung Wan.  Inside the World of Amazing Wonders you’ll find a massive collection of modern lifestyle products each more interesting than the next.  Everything from rare sunglasses and Herschel backpacks to Simpson-themed Legos and grow your own strawberry kits, WOAW keeps it fresh by constantly updating product and ensuring each visit is a new experience.

    Oh, and be sure to check out the ELEPHANT GROUNDS coffee shop embedded in the back of the store. Stop here for the infamous Elephant Grounds ice cream sandwiches featuring sophisticated flavors like Earl Grey and Salted Caramel (served on weekends only).