California cuisine in a box

    More than “upping the ante” on takeout dining, Napa goes “all in” on serving delicious farm-to-table meals that are both convenient and affordable.

    Just because it’s quick and inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy at this cozy, Sanlitun area shop dedicated to California cuisine in a box. Organic, local and seasonal are descriptors of ingredients that Napa customers should expect as a given. With a simple menu featuring heartier comfort foods like BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIBS and COQ AU VIN, and delectable salads such as FRISEE SALAD WITH CODDLED EGG AND BACON, why should you even try to cook? I mean, c’mon – you’ll probably spend more money just to waste a couple hours making something that has less than a gambler’s chance of being as good. Besides, let’s face it. . . your time is too valuable for toiling in the kitchen.

    Winner, winner coq au vin dinner.