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In Shanghai, anything can happen - and we mean it.  The skyrocket growth this city is experiencing and has seen in the last decade is literally redefining one of China’s leading mega-cities as we speak.  Not only is there an abundance of historical landmarks and ever expanding modern skylines, the financial capital of mainland China is home to the extraordinary and rewards the bold and cunning. The explosion of industry, culture, and entertainment only scratches the surface in regards to feeding the appetites of its ever-growing population of thrill-seekers.  Things move fast in Shanghai, and the city’s rapid ascent to prosperity has spawned an impressive variety of food, architecture, fashion, film, and nightlife in the region. Celebrity chefs and brands flood the streets where creativity, innovation, and artistry push the boundaries of excellence to new heights - truly never a dull moment.  Shanghai is a city that never sleeps, yet constantly nurturing new dreams to come true, everyday.


The Infinite Universe

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