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The Xintiandi tagline is a little confusing, “where yesterday and tomorrow meet in Shanghai today,” but don't let that turn you off. The shopping hub located in Shanghai's French Quarter is a serious melting pot of styles and time periods and is home to everything from movie theaters, to restaurants, to galleries, and boutiques.

The real cool factor here is the blending of old and new; you know, “where yesterday and tomorrow meet in Shanghai today.” Hyper-modern glass buildings sit next door to Shanghai's traditional Shikumen residences — all blending into the perfect place to stroll while you snap pics and nosh on local snacks.

The serious must visits? You absolutely can't miss the South Block of Xintiandi where the modern goes into overdrive thanks to an incredible 25,000 square meter mall. Another one for the Xintiandi bucket list is the North Block where the more traditional buildings are located. If time allows hit up the artists and designers in the Tianzifang area of southwest Xintiandi.

Xintiandi is like a Chinese time capsule. Peel back each layer and you'll learn more and more about the area's history and the culture. What better way to do that than while dropping serious Yuan on some local goods.