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In case you didn't know, Tomatito is one sexy tapas restaurant (that's actually the restaurant's subtitle). The younger brother to more established restaurants in the El Willy empire, El Willy, El Efante, et al., Tomatito gets to play a little more than his more serious and responsible elders. The crowd tends to be younger, louder and more carefree than the diners at El Willy's other establishments.

Located just downstairs from El Ocho bar, another El Willy family member, Tomatito goes back to where tapas originally began – bars where gathering with friends and drinking took center stage with food as an added bonus. Tomatito's menu focuses on “comfort” tapas – the kind of dishes that are recognizable to anyone who has ever been at a tapas bar, but there are also some surprises such as low cooked eggs with truffle and foie gras.

This is the spot if you're looking for “easy” tapas, as in easy dress code, easy on the wallet and just generally easy-going.