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South Korea has been making waves on a global scale. Across Asia and the rest of the world, this capital city is a pulsating force in pop-culture and beauty.  Like its denizens - well-dressed, confident, and proud - this influential city pushes the new frontiers while honoring its 2,000 year old heritage.  Emerging as one of Asia’s tastemaker-cultures, Seoul births new trends in foods, fashion, beauty, technology, and entertainment.  From 24hr shopping in Dongdaemun, hanging in HongDae, strolling down Garosugil, or drowning yourself in the different party scenes that define Itaewon and Gangnam’s nightlife, Seoul is trendy, vibrant, and engaging.  While each neighborhood has its own distinction, Seoul pours out its love generously to all of its residents and visitors with each sip of soju or bite of kimchi.  Whether you come for the food, the people, or the party, trust us, you’ll feel like you’re the underdog as the city test your limits.  We love Seoul.

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