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The wave of Korean Mexican fusion that started in the US has finally made its way across the Pacific to land in Seoul with Gene Cho's food truck-turned-restaurant concept Coreanos Kitchen.  

For whatever reason, people in the US love to make “Best of” lists, even when it comes to street food / food trucks and Coreanos is no stranger to such acclaim (certainly a perennial favorite at home in Austin). Seoul's Coreanos Kitchen concept kicks it up a notch, building on the classic flavors and offerings of the original food truck darling in an actual restaurant (with no wheels) setting. The classic THREE WISE FRIES are a must - loaded with three meats (galbi beef, chicken, and al pastor pork), three different sauces, etc. these are the fries that launched a thousand ships. . . or fed a thousand faces? Whatever, I think you get the point.

With two locations, one in the heart of Apgujeong Rodeo (Gangnam's fashion mecca), and the other in Itaewon (the city's key expat district), you are never too far from a KIMCHI BKB BURRITO (braised pork belly - yow!).