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Being underestimated, is one of the biggest advantages.  Maybe that’s what makes Taipei a unique city and one of Asia’s best kept secrets when it comes to food, fun, and all things lifestyle.  Often under-reported and overlooked, Taiwan’s global impact for such a small island is breathtaking. When it comes to Taiwan and food, experts and enthusiasts alike know that they go hand-in-hand.  It is no wonder Taipei is overflowing with electricity as new ideas and re-imagined classics are popping up all over town. This magical friction is a big reason Taipei’s food scene is attracting young talent from the world’s best kitchens looking to experiment, innovate, and test their ideas against the discerning palates of the local crowds.  Highlighted by some of the world’s best produce, great transportation, magnificent hiking trails 5 minutes from downtown, a vibrant nightlife, and an openness towards travelers and new faces makes Taipei one of Black Buddha’s favorite cities.


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