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Drip was THE first café to offer cronuts in Taipei and they just can't make them fast enough. No seriously – they had to open a second store in the competitive East District to try and accommodate the flood of customers. And now they are in the process of opening a third store because the flood is still not contained.

The goal of the three Taiwanese-American partners was simple: provide quality food in a cozy environment at a reasonable price. The moment you walk into these homey cafes, you know they nailed the atmosphere. The moment you start eating, well, we hope you save room for dessert.

The hybrid croissant-doughnut pastries (available in a variety of yummy flavors) have become infamous here, and the CREAMY KIMCHI PASTA and CHEESE STEAK SANDWICH are sure-fire winners.

All joking aside, there is always room for dessert…we're talking CRONUTS people.

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