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If you've been wandering through Taipei as of late, surely you've noticed the rising trend of burger joints that seem to have popped up on every corner. But all burgers aren't created equal and you're looking for a great, dependable and simple burger experience that can deliver every time and now there is more noise than ever in the burger game. Don't sweat it – we got you.

Enter Burger & Co located in the alley of Xinyi district. A small and cozy burger joint with only two tables, this hole in the wall serves one of the best burgers in all of Taipei. With a very straightforward menu with four items located on the wall, you couldn't make things too complicated here if you tried and that's the beauty of it. The classic cheeseburger leads the charge and if your appetite fancies something just a touch different, make it a double, add bacon or top it off with a spicy egg and get to eating. In case you had a burger eating competition the night before and simply can't digest any more beef, you can explore the pulled pork sandwich or the chicken wings. For those of you on the green diet – the veggie burger is also a standout. Either way, the truffle cheese fries are an outstanding side to any item. Yes, our mouths are watering at the end of this paragraph too.

Simple, pure and delicious, owner Philip Chi and his warm and welcoming staff make everything from scratch and deliver the goods every time.

Enough said, it's burger time.