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Say “god dag” (“hello” in Swedish) to Fika Fika Cafe, a charming ZHONGSHAN DISTRICT café. Surrounded by Yitong Park and bathed in light, it's a nice change of pace for those seeking a hidden oasis in the city.

The modern Scandinavian décor keeps the real focus on coffee (“fika” is a Swedish concept that means “to have coffee”, usually with sandwiches or pastries). The storefront is situated behind a big office building which blocks the sounds of the street - so if there's shaking and commotion, it's probably you (and time to switch to decaf).

The place gets packed. Get there early for the AEROPRESS-BREWED, Nordic-style coffee which is light bodied, complex, and totally delicious. The menu is updated constantly. Try their rotating selection of featured espressos.

You'll also be happy to know that when ordering their SINGLE-ORIGIN coffees they are always served two ways: one hot and one iced so you can taste the difference.

Suddenly the weird name makes all the sense in the world.