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When you look out your taxi window here, you see life in High-Definition (HD). Tokyo glistens and glows with precision and truly stands in a class of her own. Every street, alley, and crevice lends itself as a gateway to adventures with endless possibilities. A city rooted in heavy history and tradition, but propelled by innovation and imagination, Tokyo has a spellbinding flare for artisan culture, creativity, and design. There is no place like it on Earth, and being home to more Michelin stars than any other place in the world is merely a symbol of Tokyoites devotion to craftsmanship and inventiveness. This city is an endless feast of inspiration - exploring the unknown and finding new paths is highly recommended.  Remember to stay humble and behave respectfully, because good manners and thoughtfulness are the real ways to truly experiencing Tokyo and making a few fabulous friends along the way.  


The Infinite Universe

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