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A Gyoza Haiku

The long line moves fast

And there you find pork-filled bliss

And your soul thanks you.

For those craving gyoza and only gyoza, Harajuku Gyozalo is the place to feed the beast. In the middle of Harajuku’s bustling Omotesando neighborhood, find the line in front of the red sliding door where  both locals and tourists flock for their gyoza fix. The line moves quickly so it won't be long before you're tucked in a booth or sitting at the bar making the tough decision to go heavy on the pan-fried or the boiled dumplings – the only two choices Gyozalo offers.

Whatever you choose you can't go wrong, and before you know it, mounds of dumplings will make their way to your table. There's no ordering a couple of plates at Gyozalo. If you're truly hungry, no less than 5 plates of gyoza will do (each order comes with 6 gyoza). Think of it as your own personal man vs. food challenge, and we don’t want to hear any excuses.