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You know that feeling when you’re so relaxed reading your book that you peacefully doze off? It’s truly pleasant when you’re in your own bed, but maybe not so much at a local Starbucks or a public library when the staff has to wake you up because you’re drooling on their property. Insert Book and Bed to the rescue. Located just a minute walk from the Ikebukuro metro station, Book & Bed is a “library hotel” where you can enjoy their wide selection of books and 30 open beds for the most relaxed reading experience possible. Complete with coffee service, you can bring your own food and cozy up with your favorite novel, textbook or stack of comics feed your mind. This “accommodation bookshop” is really an “avid reader hostel” that provides open communal space (with shared bathrooms) for those who love books, a cozy bed and like-minded company.