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At its core Tulum is a vibrant mix of extremely old and extremely new. Prehistoric natural wonders and ancient Mayan ruins are scattered among world-class resorts slinging more fresh lobster and mezcal than the human body is probably meant to consume. Long known for its yoga retreats and rustic eco-hotels, the off-the-grid Tulum of 15 years ago is still there, but it now exists alongside thrumming nightlife and unparalleled culinary adventures. Chefs and mixologists from around the globe have been lured to Tulum by its beachside DGAF vibe and a willingness to rewrite the rules. There are plenty of destination-worthy bars and clubs near the city’s central Hotel Zone, but if you want to escape the glitz—or maybe civilization itself—plunge into one of the region’s underground swimming caves formed millions of years ago, believed by Mayans to be a passage to another dimension. With breathtaking beaches, history you can touch, and a unique kind of artistic-inspired luxury, Tulum is whatever you want it to be. Oh, and there are lots of tequila and tacos, too. Do take advantage of that.

The Infinite Universe

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