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If you’re in Rome, you go see Roman ruins. If you’re in the Mayan Riviera, you go see Mayan ruins. Simple as that. Coba is one of the lesser-known, more unique archaeological attractions in the area. Because of dense jungles, explorers didn’t even know it existed until late in the 1800s and much of the area remains unexcavated to this day. Climb Nohoch Mul, the 140-foot-tall central pyramid, to get a clear view of the Yucatan’s beaches, and then hike your way along the ceremonial white roads that lead to temples, ancient sports arenas, and Mayan structures decked out with glyphs (Google Translate can’t help you read them, though). If all that walking sounds too pedestrian, there are also inexpensive bike rentals and even a “Coba limo” where you can skip the pedaling and get ferried around on a tricycle without any of that pesky physical activity to inhibit your views.

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