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You’ve probably seen Anthony Bourdain on TV brooding over surreal-looking plates of foraged flowers at Copenhagen’s Noma, the three-time consecutive best restaurant in the world. Tired of hacking through the Nordic ice to find edible weeds, mastermind chef René Redzepi briefly moved his insanely creative, insanely expensive, insanely coveted restaurant about 10,000 miles southwest to the beaches of Tulum. With access to some of the most vibrant produce in the world, Redzepi—along with a cadre of local cooks and food artisans—was able to pull off stunning dishes like a tostada with escamoles (pale ant eggs) and oysters wrapped in chaya leaves. The pop-up lured international food critics to town and the reviews were universally rave, putting Tulum’s culinary scene front and center on the world stage. If Noma could single-handedly turn Copenhagen into a gourmet nexus, the possibilities for Tulum’s dining future are endless.

Type Restaurant
Speciality Fine dining