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This isn’t the rusty steel play tower you remember from elementary school. No, this is literally a gym made from pieces of the jungle. It’s equal parts Venice Muscle Beach and Swiss Family Robinson, where you might see a hulked-out bodybuilder bench pressing dumbbells made from cross sections of a tree, or doing lat-pulldowns using a pulley system fashioned from rope and a net full of rocks. And of course this all takes place just a few hundred feet from the water. What else would you expect? There’s also some more modern fitness equipment, like Olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates, squat racks, and kettlebells. A day pass runs $20 if you just want to get a workout in, or for the same price take a circuit class with ex-British military trainer and gym owner, Alastair. There are plenty worse ways to work off all the previous night’s mezcal and tacos.