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Being the capital of China is a colossal responsibility. With over a billion people watching, Beijing seems to manage the task with dignified ease. The pace of life in this city speaks volumes about its personality and its characters. The mood is steady, confident, and proud.  With walls that never end, ducks that bear golden skin, and Forbidden Cities out in the open, Beijing has a storybook magic that can only be found in a megacity overflowing with such rich history and tradition. The landmarks and landscapes are dominant forces, followed by the new developments mounted by modernization. Knowing where to look will be the key to unlocking the cities best adventures and experiences. Don’t be afraid to explore the many interesting nooks and crannies of Beijing’s streets and alleys, as there are many. From the bucket list worthy monuments, to the waves of new restaurants, shops, and cultural encounters available, be sure not to rush. Beijing is a hotbed of commerce and entrepreneurship, and inspires the country’s top artists, students, writers, film-makers, musicians, and creatives to converge within its frontiers. With so much to explore in one of the oldest cities on the planet, traveling somewhere else seems irresponsible - there’s no place like ‘the capital.’


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