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When Shakespeare wrote, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” surely he couldn’t have been talking about the food, or the clean lines worn by its heralded furniture designs. He was probably talking about politics or something. Anyway, Danish culture is hotter than a pistol right now, and you don’t have to look further than The Georg as a prime example - the Danish design house Georg Jensen’s stunning lifestyle / restaurant concept located in the heart of Beijing.

One would expect a complete showcase of things Danish from a complex that is… well, so Danish. The Georg is exactly that, but it does so in a completely subtle way, blending in elements of the local Chinese culture, design, ingredients etc. - a testament to the timelessness and perhaps newness of Danish style. “The house, located on the banks of the Jade river, includes The Living Room, set under a open space glass atrium, The Restaurant, a scandinavian take on international flavour driven cuisine, and The Gallery, located on the 2nd floor, showcasing timeless Georg Jensen pieces.”  The Restaurant emphasizes the power of simplicity and “using western techniques and fine-dining standards to interpret local ingredients and flavors.” There’s much to see, hear and taste at The Georg - none of it is rotten.