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You might get lost hunting for this back-alley oasis that is only a stone's throw from the National Art Museum, but the reward is worth the effort for this modern Vietnamese cafe.

A stunning example of hutong adaptive reuse, Susu is housed in a boldly reimagined 140 year-old siheyuan (courtyard house). “Openness” is the word that comes to mind as traditional hutong style is stripped down to expose a bright courtyard and roof terrace for outdoor dining - great for a mental escape from the hustle of the capital city.

The chill atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for your intimate gathering and the clean, vibrant flavors offered by Susu's classic Vietnamese cuisine. You can't go wrong with old standbys like PHO, BAHN MI and various SPRING ROLLS, but the standout dish here is the LA VONG FISH: sauteed fish fillets seasoned with tumeric, served on a bed of fennel, mixed with vermicelli, fresh herbs, crushed peanuts et. al.  

An inspired cocktail menu rounds out the experience. Sample a SAIGON FIZZ as your cares drift right into space. . . serenity now.