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Not your typical speakeasy, Botany is hidden in an apartment complex and accessible only by friend referrals for appointments directly with the owner and bartender Frankie Zou. What sets Botany apart from other cocktail bars? Everything besides the alcohol – juices, syrups, bitters, garnishes, snacks - is grown and prepared in house.  The signature cocktails include the Tokyo Bay – a Japanese green tea-based beverage served with Absolut vodka, Japanese rice, green tea, nori tincture, passion fruit and a shiso leaf chili shred garnish; the Black Truffle Martini – made with Roma bitters, tropical fruit, Captain Morgan’s dark fum, freshly toasted hot spice garnish and black truffle; and the Amortentia – a well-balanced concoction of floral and fruity flavors topped with toasted sesame seeds. In addition to some of the best cocktails in Beijing, Botany provides an intimate environment for guests to appreciate the level of thought, consideration and service that comes directly from Frankie. Not to mention, he usually treats guests to at least a couple surprises during their visit.

Price ¥ ¥
Type Cocktail Bar
Speciality cocktails
Open *
Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

* May vary and subject to change