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Tucked away in a quiet corner of Sanlitun, the bold flavors of Southwestern China flourish in a new light.  

Under creator Huang Chao's watchful eye, the classics have been modernized at this casual fine dining locale. That's right, casual fine dining (read: dressed down, high quality food). You will find the classic and daring tastes of chili, peppercorn and garlic paired alongside delicately cooler dishes that intrigue and satisfy an adventurous palette. The showstoppers: MOUTH WATERING CHICKEN, GLUTINOUS RICE SPARE RIBS, DAN DAN NOODLES and the WATER POACHED FISH.

Transit is an inspiring move between the old and the new. Let your guard down and let this cool fancy tangy thang happen. Unless you have a mild case of IBS, then maybe keep your guard up.