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As far as nightlife goes, Beijing can party with the best of the biginternational metropoles. So it's kind of a big deal to emerge in the top the echelon of the mixology lounge scene as Jane and Hooch has.

Owner Warren Pang (a cocktail superstar in his own right) has slung a lotof perfectly balanced cocktails to earn the position of top bar in townseveral years running. Rather than getting fancy with complicated mixology, Warren and his staff focus on getting the classics right with high quality ingredients that don't mask the taste of the base.

The inspiration for the bar's décor and general ambience is a unique mix ofMelbourne warmth (Peng hails from Australia) and prohibition era cool. It's a departure from the flashy on the outside, little substance on the inside style of many other Beijing bars. The focus is simple - good drinks, great service and an upbeat, comfortable vibe - and the crowd is special - sophisticated, tasteful and one that is ex-pat friendly without being an ex-pat bar. Not to mention, the atmosphere lends itself well to warm rendezvous and the downstairs is non-smoking, which is always a welcomed change of pace in Beijing.