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When you think Beijing, you think ancient history, bustling metropolis and duck. There aren't many meals that can claim royal lineage dating back almost a thousand years to the ancient emperors of China. Known as Peking Duck, Beijing Duck or Chinese Roast Duck , this dish is a signature staple of the city and you could spend weeks soul searching and taste testing your way through a variety of recipes (yes, even KFC has one).  

To save you time, Duck de Chine is one of the annual contenders for the best roast duck in the land and offers an extravagant dining experience. An impressive and inviting décor, complete with vermillion fabrics, dazzling chandeliers, cozy brick walls and large round tables, offers a luxury setting to indulge in the local specialty. Whether you enjoy sugar or spice, a variety of delicious sides accompany the glistening moist meat of this whole duck, prepared over the open flames of 60 year old Jujube wood. Pro tip: dip the crispy skin directly in the raw sugar and enjoy the ride. Smaller dishes, a separate dim sum menu and a full champagne bar are also available so set aside plenty of time to plant yourself in this beautiful dining room and feast away like its 1330.

Price ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥
Type Restaurant
Speciality Peking Duck& Dim Sum Lunch