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When it's too hot or too cold, when a breath of fresh air is just hard to come by, check out Parkview Green - an iconic landmark for green design innovation in Beijing. Designed to maximize energy efficiency by maintaining its own “microclimate,” Parkview Green FangCaoDi is one of China's largest sustainable architecture projects and a worthy destination for those dog days when you just want to be indoors.

A cool spot in more ways than one, Parkview Green not only features luxury shopping and recreation, but a jaw-dropping collection of modern art that is not worth missing. Art is certainly one of Parkview Green's most distinctive features with over 500 unique artworks displayed on the grounds including one of the largest private collections of paintings by the surrealist Salvador Dali.

Parkview Green's shopping mall hosts a plethora of international brands ranging from fast fashion to high-end luxury. Known as a place to make a splash, several brands including COS (H&M's high -end offshoot), Camille, Wempe, Tadashi Shoji, Tesla, and Dunhill Home first debuted in China at Parkview Green. Let's not forget about food. There are many options, but good eats include the famous soup dumpling restaurant DING TAI FUNG and OPERA BOMBANA opened by Michelin starred chef Umberto Bombana.

So feel good about spending a little money at Parkview Green. . . you can convince yourself that it's in support of the environment and the arts. Good looking and socially responsible - what a combination!