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C'est Vingt-Trois is the brainchild of Taku Kono who spent 7 formative years in the US between LA and NYC where he developed a deep and abiding love for Michael Jordan, basketball, American hip hop and high-end street fashion.

These obsessions have been channeled into the sleek and modern flagship (and only store at the moment) down a narrow side street in Daikanyama that's easy to miss. The store isn' t large but is meticulously curated with selections from XXIII's original lines (XXIII and Black is Beautiful), high end street fashion, Michael Jordan paraphernalia including an impressive collection of new and vintage Air Jordans and nods to American hip hop including a gorgeous spiked leather jacket featuring a defiant Tupac.

C'est Vingt-Trois isn't a “hotspot” because it's a bit of a secret at the moment. It's not (and shouldn't be) on the standard tourist shopping list. If you do visit, prepare to drop some cash. Items for purchase include $40K MAD Collection watches (the only store that carries this collection in Japan) and $500 leather face masks. Don't even ask if the AIR Jordans on display are for sale because the owner will not part with them for any price. They are his prized possessions and are collectors items that any Jordan aficionado would drool over. But parting with them would be like handing over a first-born child for Taku.

For those not able to trek to Tokyo for the unique C'est Vingt-Trois experience, fear not. Taku has plans to bring an exhibition to NYC and then eventually open a NYC location in 2016.  

C'est Vingt-Trois' ultimate purpose? To have Michael Jordan walk into the store some day. And if you haven't guessed it already. C'est Vingt-Trois translates to “23” - Michael Jordan's jersey number.