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Where do you go to relax when you live in a city that never sleeps? While the suburbs and countryside offer the most common retreats, this rare find allows you to enjoy the comfort of a natural hot spring just 30 minutes from Shibuya. Located in Itabashi-ku, Saya-no-yudokoro serves as a modern day sanctuary of peace and relaxation complete with the charm and décor of traditional Japan. Soak in the naturally fed, open air hot springs, enjoy a soothing massage, freshen up in a stone bath and don't be afraid to take a little cat nap after you savor a helping of homemade soba noodles or available seasonal dishes. That's right, they will feed you here too . One rule worth noting – you cannot enter the hot spring if you have a tattoo, but we knew you didn't like hot springs anyways. So come for half a day, a full day or every week to get yourself back to neutral… you're welcome.