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Rock ‘n’ roll might be an American invention, but true guitar nuts know Tokyo is like a mecca of stringed instruments. Whether it’s a vintage Les Paul, a Gibson or shiny ESP, you’ll most likely find it on Ochanomizu’s Meidai Street. The area is known for its guitar stores, a few blocks of storefront after storefront absolutely stuffed to the rafters with a dizzying array of acoustic, electric, vintage and new stringed instruments. One of the best and largest shops on the strip is Dr. Sound, a three-story hub for aficionados and novices looking for guitars of every string and stripe. Professional guitar players from all over the world are especially drawn to the first floor for its vintage and used guitar selection. On the second floor, there are more than 150 Martin guitars to ogle and strum. Head to the top floor for classic guitars, Flamenco and other rare finds (even ukuleles). The staff knows their stuff — all are musicians themselves, and some have worked at the store for 20-plus years — but the best reason to stop here: You can try any guitar on display. That’s right, let your inner Prince, Slash or Jimmy Hendrix soar. Better yet, take a lesson. The store offers those too.


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