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We won't presume to tell you that Sushiya offers the best sushi in Tokyo because there is no best sushi in Tokyo. But we will tell you the Sushiya experience is one that you'll want to catch before everyone else gets wise. Still considered an "up and coming" sushi restaurant, Sushiya is helmed by Takao Ishiyama, a surprisingly young chef who cut his teeth at Michelin rated Kanesaka and Saito.

What makes Sushiya special beyond its superior quality sushi is the intimacy of the dining experience. There are only 8 seats and one sushi chef – Ishiyama-san himself. He has helpers that tend to drinks and prep in the kitchen but there's only space at the sushi bar for one so patrons are guaranteed to have each piece crafted by a master.

There is no menu – the chef serves what's in season and especially fresh on that particular day. Don't expect much talking or fancy displays. The focus at Sushiya is on quality fish and because of the small space , anything that might encroach on fellow diners' or the chef's comfort such as loud talking or heavy perfumes is not encouraged.

Despite Takao-san's relative youth, he has managed to turn Sushiya into one of Tokyo's top sushi experiences (some say even better than the much heralded top Michelin starred sushi restaurants helmed by much older masters) by combining classic and traditional techniques with subtle innovations that doesn't detract from the quality of the high quality ingredients.

Reservations are hard to come by and getting harder as Sushiya rises in popularity so plan ahead and reserve weeks if not months in advance.