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The way of the Samurai is one steeped in ritual and strict codes of conduct that seeks to avoid conflict rather than seek it. But make no mistake, those crazy enough to mess with a samurai often met with the sharp end of the samurai's Katana, often considered part of his soul. When visitors to Japan think of the Katana and the rituals that surround it, it's natural that they should want to take part in the sacred Katana exercise. But you may be surprised to find yourself in a class surrounded by ladies that feels more Jane Fonda workout than Kurosawa.

It turns out that learning how to wield a Katana is actually good for burning some calories along with teaching mindfulness and focus. And there's an art to the movements that is akin to dance which has helped to make samurai training so popular with the women of Tokyo. But make no mistake - the skills learned here are real and training is run by master swordsmen and women who have trained in Kenjutsu (the art of sword fighting) for most of their lives.

By the end of it, you may not come out a feared Samurai, but you'll begin your journey in the ways of the Bushido and burn some calories to boot.