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In a fashion and design-obsessed city such as Tokyo, it's no easy feat to keep things fresh and continue to surprise your clientele. But ten years after it burst onto the street fashion scene, GR8 still manages to shake things up on the daily. The style is part street, part high-end fashion, part day club. GR8 carries the usual categories of shoes, bags and apparel but the actual items are anything but. The GR8 collection of goods is highly curated, sourced internationally and carry luxury price tags. They also carry random knick knacks such as iphone cases, shaving kits, pouches featuring Kate Moss or RuPaul and bags in the shape of various animals such as sharks and dogs to keep things interesting.  

The music is loud, the merchandise colorful and the brands edgy and up and coming. The vision begins with GR8's buyers roaming the biggest fashion cities in the world for designers and brands that fit the GR8 aesthetic such as Astrid Andersen, HBA and Rick Owens. The goods are then meticulously presented with eye-catching visual design to create an amped shopping experience. And because the staff has to look at the displays all day, they change the set-up daily so that they don't get bored which means that you'll always find something new. 

Okay, fine, take my money.