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If we were forced to describe the Robot Restaurant show in a few words, we might start with a light show + vegas cabaret + dance club + furries + robots – but that still doesn't convey how bizarre this combination is. Located in Shinjuku, considered the red light district of Tokyo, Robot Restaurant is a popular stop on most tourist itineraries but don't let that stop you from experiencing the madness and sensory overload.

Since it's hard to describe something that you just have to see in person, we will give you a peek behind the curtains of a show that is a truly gargantuan production given that so much is packed into one hour. The otherworldly experience begins as soon as you purchase your ticket and walk into the VIP lounge, where you can purchase snacks and sip a beverage before the show while a robot band warms up the crowd.

The stage, which is essentially is a runway between rows of seats, is not large so the audience is able to get up close and personal to the intergalactic monsters, giant robots, sexy heroines and furries that carry on flawlessly coordinated epic battles, choreographed dancing and acrobatic moves, all set in another dimension. To pull off this seemingly chaotic performance requires an impressive amount of training, synchronization and attention to detail that makes the Robot extravaganza some serious show business.

The best way to enjoy the show is to just let go and give in to the madness. Accept the fact that the show caters to tourists and is not meant to be an elevated , artistic experience. It is campy, over the top and probably best experienced drunk or otherwise under the influence.  

Oh, and be sure to check out the bathrooms.