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Amongst the cluster of restaurants and bars that make Ebisu a prime night-time destination lies a cluster of restaurants and bars called Ebisu Yokocho. Behind the sliding doors of this cramped space, one finds a gloriously chaotic mess of micro restaurants and bars essentially sitting on top of each other and carving out a tiny corner to serve up japanese bar foods of all varieties.  

The most unique of these tiny bar/restaurants has to be Nikuzushi which translates to"meat sushi" - and that's exactly what they serve. Don't even think about ordering fish here because they only serve land animals. We're talking beef, chicken and yes, horse, most of it in the raw. This place isn't for the squeamish so if you can't fathom chewing on Sea Biscuit's hide or even worse, raw chicken (especially in a seemingly hygienically questionable area), you may want to say “neigh” and hit up one of the many other food stalls in the arcade . But for those that have a hankering for raw meat flesh, cozy on up to the bar or squeeze yourself into a tiny table and dig in.  

Though most known for their various cuts of raw horse meat (lean and fatty), Nikuzushi also serves cooked items such as a melt-in-your-mouth pork skin sushi and tender seared beef sushi. But be brave if you can stomach it and go for the raw stuff. You might actually enjoy it or if not, at least you'll have a good story about the time you ate raw chicken skin and survived.