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Located in Chiyoda, this Shinto shrine has been watching over the neighborhoods of Kanda, Nihonbashi, Akihabara, Ootemachi, Marunouchi and others since the 14th century. Although the Gate of God suffered the fires, earthquakes and wars over the years, the rebuilt pavilion — decked out in stunning vermillion and gold with lacquered interiors — still attracts worshipers and visitors alike. Like the Kanda area itself, the shrine celebrates its history but also looks to the future. On any given day, you’ll find a mix of businessmen praying to the gods for luck and prosperity, young brides wishing for a good marriage, and others simply trying to ward of bad vibes. But the shrine’s priests started reaching out to younger generations with anime characters and charms that look like SD cards. Every other May, the shrine becomes a centerpiece for Kanda Matsuri, one of Tokyo’s most famous festivals since the Edo period. Locals parade with their favorite deities, or kami, through the neighborhoods, making their way to the shrine for the ultimate bash. If you think you have a samurai spirit, this should feel like home.