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Everyone knows that Tsujiki Fish Market is the center of the universe for the freshest offerings from the Pacific Ocean, but for die-hard fans of the golden gonads of sea urchin, Sushi Kuni is the real destination. Located in the outer Tsujiki market within a stone's throw of the fish market, Sushi Kuni is an obsessive ode to uni and serves as a bucket list mecca for any self-respecting uni fan. Helmed by a salaryman from a long line of fishermen turned uni master, Sushi Kuni is a family operation with brother and sister working side by side as sushi chefs. The interior is unassuming and simple with a small sushi bar and four tables that stay packed all day.

The specialty here is the overflowing Uni bowl, and true to its name there's so much Uni that the challenge can seem daunting. And yet when you do finally uncover the bed of perfectly vinegared rice below, you go through a series of emotions: uni-filled bliss, sadness that there is no more uni and regret that you devoured the sweet and salty essence of the ocean so quickly. Luckily there's plenty more to be had on the menu with various uni combination bowls ranging from nothing but uni to the kitchen sink seafood bowl with pretty much every offering from the sea stuffed into a rainbow of deliciousness.

Of course given the proximity to Tsujiki, Sushi Kuni offers other seafood items such as a melt-in-your-mouth seared snapper and fresh shucked oysters the size of a very small head. But for uni aficionados , uni is the beginning, middle and end.